IOL Master

The main goal of our office is to provide you with the best possible eye care. The IOL master is a state of the art technological advance which uses laser technology to measure the length of the eye as well as the curvature of the cornea. Accuracy of these measurements is paramount in determining the correct power of the Intraocular lens (IOL) that is inserted into the eye after cataract surgery. The IOL Master is the latest and most accurate form of technology available for determining the correct IOL power. Selection of the correct IOL power results in improved vision after your cataract surgery. Every patient in our office undergoing cataract surgery will have measurements by the IOL Master prior to their surgery.
Diagnostic Services

Heidelberg Retinal Tomography

The HRT is a confocal laser scanning system that allows for acquisition of highly detailed topographic 3-D images of the optic nerve which allow for precise measurements of optic nerve parameters. It is an extremely accurate system which allows for close monitoring of patients with glaucoma or those who are glaucoma suspects. The HRT system has a glaucoma progression analysis module which is used to accurately follow progression of disease in patients with glaucoma.

Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer

The Humphrey visual field analyzer is used to identify visual field abnormalities in patients with posterior pole disease, optic nerve disease, or disease of the visual pathways extending from the eyes to the brain. It aids in early diagnosis of many serious ocular or systemic conditions.